About the Writer

This site is created and maintained by me! I’m the writer and illustrator, Sandra McVearry. Who am I ? What do I do? Well, like I tell my kids, I’m essentially a grown-up whose job it is to color and play with imaginary friends all day–talk about living the dream.

Though I fully stand by the accuracy of the above definition of my job, a more serious definition is that I am a writer and an artist who hopes to inspire and encourage others to explore the visual arts and writing. I hold a BA and an MA in English from the California State University at Sacramento and have taught writing at both the secondary and college levels.

Art is something that I’m passionate about and is a fundamental piece of my identity. I am constantly exploring new mediums of expression. Becoming an illustrator has changed my overall vision for the scope of my work and for how I approach publishing my children’s books and other fiction.

I’ve created my own Indie-publishing imprint and work as a freelance copy editor and content writer. For more on that side of what I do, visit

If I can inspire others to write, create art, or explore their other creative dreams, then this endeavor will be well worth it.

Alliance of Independent Authors / Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators

I am a member in good standing of The Alliance of Independent Authors and The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.