Image of author outside with white azalea blossoms and trees behind her.

About Sandra

I use visual art and the written word to appreciate nature and to examine what it means to be a human inhabitant of this world. I write fiction and nonfiction in various genres and for different age groups. My visual art complements the themes in my writing. Mixed media and pen and ink are my favorite methods for illustrating.

My goal is to inspire others to find wonder in the world around us and to express themselves through the art form(s) they are drawn to.

I hold a BA and an MA in English from the California State University at Sacramento and an MA in Science Writing from Johns Hopkins University. I have professionally taught writing and literature to students in the upper elementary grades through the college level.

I have homeschooled my two children for four school years now. Naturally, this means I am immersed daily in books and art for a variety of subject areas directed at learners young and old. Homeschooling is the gift of daily discovery and lifelong learning. Comics on science topics? Sign us up! Graphic novelizations of classic literature or of a complex book about the dawn of modern humans? Take my money! Visual history books? Amazing! We are enthusiastic about using a variety of media to learn.

I also take on clients as a copy editor, content writer, and language arts tutor. For more information, visit my business page