Beginning Again, Again

View of woods in winter with the glimpse of a lake beyond the trees

Well, here I am. Taking stock. Again. Beginning again, again.

I find it funny how my path has meandered back to here. To this space. To this moment. Across years and not the few months I thought it would be after my last post.

Life has other plans sometimes. Great plans. Sometimes not-so-great plans. Life takes you places you didn’t think you needed to go or even wanted to go only to drop you back where you once were—better prepared than when you first began and possibly a little bit more grounded (or a lot more).

The whole time my path strayed in different directions, I was still working my way to here. To now. To this keyboard. To these words. To these feelings.

Inspiration never stopped. Creativity always pulsed under the surface. Ideas grew and took more distinct forms.

Here’s to the old beginnings behind and the new beginnings ahead.

Here’s to stepping with purpose onto a fresh part of the path, recognizing the ground before you as ground you glimpsed when the road once strayed near only to curve away again.

The shortest path between two points is a straight line. Lives don’t travel in straight lines. How boring if they did. Life wanders a lot like Candy Land—sometimes more like Chutes and Ladders. Every now and then, it may feel more like Mouse Trap.

Here’s to taking the long way around.

Here’s to the journey.

Here’s to persistence.

You’ll get there when you are ready and not a moment sooner.

Keep writing. Keep creating. Keep dreaming.



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