New Year’s Goals for My Work

Goals for 2017:

I will finish the first draft of the YA novel I’m working on that I started eight years ago.

I will finish importing the illustrations for my first children’s book and work on the layout and design.

I will finish writing the next two stories in my children’s book series and storyboard their rough artwork.

I will finish figuring out the “tone” for this blog and author/illustrator site.

I will maintain my social media presence as soon as I figure out that tone business.

I will blog with purpose and greater frequency than I managed to in 2016.

I will collect together the poetry I have scattered here, there, and everywhere and work on illustrating my poems. This is a project just for me. I may or may not decide to publish it down the road.

I will continue to explore, create, and document the fun with new art mediums while I hone my skills in the ones I already use.

Why am I so candid about these goals and the fact that I’m not even sure of where the paths I’ve chosen to meander down are taking me? That’s life. That’s being an artist. That’s the original point for this whole website–to chronicle the ups and downs of being a writer and an illustrator preparing work for publication. It’s not all sunshine and roses. It’s a very healthy dose of self-doubt leaving you wondering if any of the countless hours of hard work will pan out into something that will sustain the creation of more art and writing.


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